1. Humax DTR-T1010

    Humax DTR-T1010

    Best Freeview HD recorder, Awards 2013. If you want an easy way to watch on-demand TV, and you care about style, the Humax DTR-T1010 should be top

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    Available from £199
  2. Sky Now TV Box

    Sky Now TV Box

    A great iPlayer upgrade for a ‘dumb’ TV or an easy way to access Spotify and pay-as-you-go Sky Movies and Sky Sports

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  3. Sony NSZ-GS7

    Sony NSZ-GS7

    Has potential, but needs more apps to realise it

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  4. Tiscali Tiscali+

    Tiscali Tiscali+

    Tiscali provides an affordable alternative to BT, Sky and Virgin, but there's no high-definition content yet

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  6. Apple TV Network Media Player
    Available from £73.73
  7. WD WD TV Play Media Player
    Available from £134.1
  8. WD TV Media Player

    WD TV Media Player