Home Cinema in a Box

Panasonic SC-BTT775

Even in 3D the Panasonic SC-BTT775 produces outanding detail and crisp images


Panasonic TX-P50ST30

Impeccable big-screen performance at an eye-catching price

Micro and style systems

Panasonic SC-HC55DB

Comprehensive spec sheet and impressive sound, though lacks a little oomph


Panasonic PT-AT5000E

Best projector £2500+, Awards 2011. Class-leading 3D performance – this projector is a masterpiece


Panasonic TX-P55VT30

Sets the benchmark for standard-definition, HD and 3D at this screen size

Home Cinema in a Box

Panasonic SC-BFT800

Produces an excellent 2D and 3D image from its built-in Blu-ray player


Panasonic SC-HTB520

Produces a big, wide soundstage but lacks the features and sound quality of its peers


Panasonic TX-P42G30

Panasonic's TX-P42G30 Plasma TV is a really impressive high-def performer


Panasonic TX-L24E3

The Panasonic TX-L24E3 gives a big-screen performance from a small-room TV