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It looks like the second HDMI socket into the back of my 50" wall mounted Panasonic TV has blown after the lead end snapped because I did not use a right angle adapter and the lead end was crushed when the TV was pushed back onto the wall behind.

I have a Sky HD box and a PS3 going into a cheap (£16) Tesco 3-way HDMI splitter that is push button operated.

We mosty use Sky in the house and I'd love the TV to auto turn on to the HDMI without having to press the AV button on my TV when I switch on the TV - it works when I use just one source on the HDMI lead without a splitter.

I'd also like the HDMI to autoswitch when the PS3 is switched on.

And possibly have the facility for an extra source.

It's driving the wife mad and is pretty un user friendly.


IS there a better inexpensive HDMI box out there that will force the TV to autoboot to HDMI when Switched on, and will allow autoswitching between sources.


Or If I upgrade my AV amp, will this do the same?


Or should I just get the HDMI socket fixed?


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Which amp have you got?

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I had my TECH LINK on gumtree for some time without interest. Cant advertise but its a good What HiFi awarded model.

Yamaha V2065. MS Mezzo 5.1 Panasonic 42. Sony BD. Garrard 86SB. WD Live TV. SkyHD.



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my amp is a Yamaha 759 - 6 years old without HDMI or HD audio, hence my considering the upgrade.

I've just had a look on play.com and they do a similar looking switch to my Tesco jobbie and there are a few complaints on the reviews that Sky HD+ boxes do not autoswitch because they have a constant power supply running through them. Anybody else had this problem?

I might just have to get my HDMI socket fixed...........has anybody else had problems with them in the past?

Any Advice would help


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Try to look on Lindy products. It's good

and still not very expensive.

I have one and i use it with PS3, so should be fine.



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