• DALI Zensor 1
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These might be cheaper than their closest rivals, but don’t discount them – you really need to hear the Zensor 1s
Ample headroom, detail and drive
gloriously easy to listen to
Nothing of any significance
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The Dalis were on the receiving end of an effusive First Test in July 2011.

Having bandied phrases like “a serious bargain” about, it’s with a mixture of relief and professional pride that we report the Zensor 1s are, if anything, even more impressive when confronted by some putative rivals.

Despite the high quality of their finish and the partial glossiness of their compact, well-made cabinets, the Dalis don’t look much more expensive than their price-tag – but the sound they make is at considerable odds with a sub-£200 sticker.

Equally at home with the sturm und drang of Kanye West’s Power as with the delicacy of Kate Bush’s Flower of the Mountain, they’re an open, explicit listen.

Splendid attention to detailClean but not clinical, and with the sort of insight into the attack and decay of sounds that’s more commonly the preserve of speakers a price-point or two up from here, they manage to combine splendid attention to detail with an easy listenability that makes even the longest listening sessions fly by.

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The balance between refinement and excitement is a difficult one to strike at any price, so the confidence with which the Zensor 1s walk that particular tightrope is striking.

You know a company’s on to a winner when the biggest criticism we can level at its speakers is that the grilles could be a bit easier to put on and take off…

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