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This Wireworld is one of the best mains cables for this kind of money. Highly recommended
A neutral cable that encourages strong dynamics and a high level of detail resolution
Flat construction makes the cable a little unwieldy
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We tested the original version of Wireworld's entry-level power cord back in May 2004. We loved the original – but if anything, we reckon this new one is an even better buy.

It's £30 cheaper for starters. Structurally it's all change.The Stratus is now flat, and the revised construction is claimed to filter low and high frequencies while leaving the 50Hz mains supply unhindered.It's a question of clarityJudging by the impressive performance, we'd say it's doing plenty right. The Stratus 52 doesn't tend to stamp its character on the equipment it's connected to.

Instead you get to see or hear the kit's capabilities more obviously. Stereo hi-fi equipment sounds cleaner, crisper and more articulate. The dynamics are more forceful but there's not a hint of exaggeration or excess.

We've certainly heard more dramatic-sounding mains cables before, but little at this price that sounds as natural as this Wireworld.

Sharper, bolder TV imagesConnect this cable to a TV, and the image is sharper, bolder and more detailed.

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The improvement over the standard cables provided with TVs is clear, as is the Wireworld's obvious advantage over all but the very best at this price level. This is a great cable for the money and well worth a punt.

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