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van Den Hul The Well review

If you feel your kit has too thin a sound, then van Den Hul's punchy The Well interconnect could be just what you need Tested at £100

Our Verdict

As a way to pep up a thin sounding system, this interconnect comes recommended


  • Lively and punchy sound
  • smooth treble
  • good midrange


  • Lacks some subtlety with detail

From the off, The Well feels like a hefty product – an impression not dispelled by its performance.

A most dynamically punchy cable, this interconnect serves up a lively and fast-paced sound with a real sense of rhythm.

Tucked inside there’s a very smooth treble and well-shaped midrange, while the handling of detail offers transparency and insight.

Some subtlety is glossed over in this highly energetic delivery, but as a panacea for those who feel their (£800ish) kit is too thin sounding, or lacks a sense of drive, this is highly recommended.

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