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Ultimate Ears 700 review

These buds have a clear and open sound, but a vicious and edgy top-end limits any appeal they might have Tested at £150.00

Our Verdict

Despite a clear sound, these buds don't impress with a harsh top-end


  • Clear and open
  • a good fit


  • Too bright
  • can get edgy

The Ultimate Ears 700s come packaged with six different types of ear bud (including foam tips) and a flip-top carry case.

They even have a sound level attenuator, to drop the sound level if you're using them on a plane or train. The dinky earpieces can either hang normally or you can hook them over the tops of your ears.

Either way, they boast unisex appeal and a good fit.

A tad over-enthusiastic
Playing a track such as La Roux's In For the Kill highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the 700s: their jovial, enthusiastic delivery is endearing and a good match for the music, but this enthusiasm goes a step to far.

La Roux's vocal sounds edgy and unnatural, spoiling what is a relatively decent sound.

The 700s impress with their clear and open presentation, but once again, that overbearing brightness affects the piano and percussion, tainting an otherwise enjoyable sound.

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