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NEWS: Hey, small Spendors - new SA1s aim for luxury compact speaker market

This is the SA1, described by Spendor as 'the most musical and revealing small loudspeaker ever created' by the company.

The two-way speaker, which sells for £1500 a pair complete with matching stands, or £1000 a pair without, combines all-new drive units in a sealed cabinet finished in a range of luxury wood veneers, coated in a deep lacquer.

The stands come finished in black satin lacquer with matching wood inlays.

The mid/bass unit in the speakers, which stand 30.5cm tall, is a 15cm Spendor-built unit with a magnesium alloy chassis, ep38 polymer cone and a long-excursion motor system.

It works together with the 22mm tweeter, also a new Spendor design said to 'combine the extended frequency response of a small diaphragm with the low frequency characteristics of a larger diaphragm to give stable low distortion response over a very wide frequency range.'

Together with a high-quality single-wire crossover, these drivers allow the SA1 to deliver a frequency range of 75Hz-20kHz.

The cabinet itself follows Spendor's familiar 'thin wall damped panel' design with extensive internal bracing, each panel of the cabinet being designed to have its own natural resonance, thus providing natural damping.

The speakers, which come in the high gloss zebrano illustrated, high gloss black or deep brown wenge satin, can also be used close to rear walls, or on open shelves.

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