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CES 2012: Philips adds two new AirPlay speakers to Fidelio range

Philips SoundSphere Mini

Philips has announced two new AirPlay speakers here at CES in Las Vegas.

Boosting the numbers in the Fidelio range, the SoundAvia and SoundSphere Mini are due out in April this year.

The Fidelio AD7050W SoundAvia is a large version of the existing SoundAvia speaker, which got a limited release in the UK at the end of last year.

An AirPlay-only wireless speaker, there's no dock but there is a USB connection which allows you to charge your iDevice as you stream music.

The AD7050W model has a $330 price tag here in the US; UK prices are yet to be confirmed.

Also new will be the Fidelio SoundSphere Mini, a smaller version of the existing SoundSphere AirPlay speaker.

A 2.0 system, the speakers certainly look the part (pictured).

Again, it's AirPlay streaming with a USB connection for charging your portable. It's set to cost $500 in the US.

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