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Best Wireless speakers 2017

Product of the year

Best wireless speaker £200-£500

Audio Pro Addon C5

"Audio Pro has added proper multi-room functionality to its Addon speakers, and done a fine job of it"

Best buys

Best portable wireless speaker under £100

UE Roll 2

“It doesn’t just go louder than the original; the Roll 2 is also more open, more dynamic, sounds more solid and more detailed”

Best portable wireless speaker £100-£250

Audio Pro Addon T3

“A classy wireless speaker that ignores gimmicks and focuses on delivering the best sound possible for the money”

Best wireless speaker under £200

Audio Pro Addon T5

“Play something upbeat and you’ll find your head nodding along within a couple of minutes”

Best portable wireless speaker £250+

Dali Katch

“The size of the sound is quite simply incredible for something of the Katch’s stature”

Best wireless speaker £500+

Naim Mu-so

“The Mu-so looks stunning, and that powerful, subtle sound is as close as we’ve heard to hi-fi from an all-in-one wireless speaker"