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Atacama Equinox ARC (shelf only) review

By creating resonance controlled shelves as an aftermarket option for its Equinox design, Atacama has improved an already worthy product Tested at £30

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

The Equinox ARC shelf makes considerable difference to the performance of the tried and tested Equinox rack


  • Reveals new verve and insight, plus more body, depth and punch


  • None

A perennial What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Award winner, Atacama’s Equinox rack was knocked off the top spot two years ago by Hi-Fi Racks’ Podium.

Now Atacama is back with an upgrade for all its Equinox Hi-Fi and Hi-Fi Celebration racks.

The Equinox modular design remains the same; the upgrade is to the shelving, which features Atacama Resonance Control (ARC) glass.

This laminated glass, featuring a dampening core, is more than 50 per cent thicker than standard Equinox shelves.

It comes in piano-black finish, costing £30 per shelf with a new rack or £40 as an upgrade. And a worthy upgrade it is.

Compared to regular Equinox shelving, we found the ARC glass pepped up the performance of both hi-fi and AV separates, adding verve and insight.

Whether you own an Equinox or are after an all-new rack, if you want more body, depth and punch to your system sound, we’d suggest trying out the ARC yourself.

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