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ThatCable HDMI (5m) review

At a miserly £10, ThatCable's 5m HDMI cable represents staggeringly good value for money, although it's no match for more expensive kit Tested at £10.00

Our Verdict

For the money, this is a no-brainer if you're on an economy drive


  • Eye-wateringly cheap price
  • good detailing
  • natural contrast


  • Issues with motion
  • image edging and a lack of punch

Yes, this cable really is just £10. You'd be forgiven for thinking this would be a poor performer but, while there are issues with image edging and motion, as well as a sound that needs a smidgen moref dynamic punch and focus, this remains a very capable cable. It has natural-looking contrast and an admirable grasp of detailing.

It's easily better than some of the more expensive cables out there, and certainly follows hard on the heels of some of the 'first upgrade' crowd too, and all for the price of a round at the pub.

If you're after a mind-bogglingly cheap and cheery upgrade for your system, then this really ticks the boxes, making it a no-brainer for thsoe on a tight budget.

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