Quadraspire Q60 review

Distinctive looks, but we had an overall feeling of dissatifaction with the lightweight feel and sound Tested at £100.00

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Our Verdict

Look good, but the sound lacks proper balance


  • Sleek design
  • warm, fluid midrange
  • timing


  • Bass is lacking
  • £50 extra for the wood finish

Quadraspire has never been afraid to offer the hi-fi market an alternative approach to equipment support, and these stands are certainly different to look at.

Low mass is the key to most of Quadraspire's designs, and that approach definitely has its benefits but then again, so does having plenty of mass to anchor a speaker properly. So, do they work?

The Q60s are made from MDF wooden panels, instead of the usual metal construction. As well as the black finish tested, they're also available in six veneer finishes, although this adds to the price.

All fine and dandy, but sadly, that lightweight design is a major factor in the Q60s' lack of low-end definition and weight. The result is a general sense of dissatisfaction, despite a warm and well-defined midrange, and easily separated instruments and vocals.

Even excellent timing can't make up for the Q60s' absence of bass. So, unless you're consciously looking to control low frequencies – the neighbours, perhaps, or an imbalance in your current set-up – we'd probably spend our money elsewhere.


General Information

Product NameQuadraspire Q60