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If you’re looking for a digital dock on a budget, the Pure i20 is formidable
well specified
improves your iPod’s analogue output
Not a replacement for a dedicated outboard DAC
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If you've got an iPod, one you occasionally connect to your hi-fi system via its headphone socket, you'll know the sound can't always be described as ‘impressive'.

The on-board digital-to-analogue processing is to blame, which is why a dock with a DAC is such an appealing idea. We've heard them before, of course, but never one as aggressively priced as this Pure i20.

Your £75 buys a compact, sturdy dock that can accommodate iPhones and more recent iPods.

It's got a lot of outputs (optical, coaxial, stereo RCA, composite and component video) at the back and comes with a tiny, creaky remote control. Inside, Pure has somehow made room for a 24-bit 192kHz DAC.

A real sonic improvementSound via the analogue outputs is an obvious improvement on an iPod's own analogue signal, with greater breadth, weight and detail all in evidence.

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It's an improvement dynamically too, with altogether more authority over recordings.

It sounds better yet delivering digital information to an off-board DAC, mind you, and that's still the route we'd suggest – but if a quick, inexpensive fix of your iPod sound is what you're after, don't look any further.

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