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  1. Epson P-5000

    Epson P-5000

    Reviewed on 18th July 2007
    Price when reviewed £499

    Start saving - this is a must for serious viewers after a top display

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  2. Philips PET830

    Philips PET830

    Reviewed on 25th June 2007
    Price when reviewed £190

    Design features a slot-loading mechanism, making changing discs on the move less of a chore

  3. Mustek MP80D

    Mustek MP80D

    Reviewed on 23rd May 2007
    Price when reviewed £140

    Great specs, but overall rather average performance

  4. Cowon iAudio D2

    Cowon iAudio D2

    Reviewed on 26th February 2007
    Price when reviewed £125

    Some nice touches better but there are younger faster models out there.

  5. Apple iPod Classic

    Apple iPod Classic

    Reviewed on 24th September 2006
    Price when reviewed £229

    What's not to like about the new 160Gb iPod Classic? Nothing, except the headphones

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  7. Mustek MP100

    Mustek MP100

    Reviewed on 9th June 2006
    Price when reviewed £249

    Things don’t get off to the best of starts when you discover there are no contrast or sharpness settings – only the colours and screen brightness can