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  1. Mordaunt-Short Mezzo 2

    Mordaunt-Short Mezzo 2

    Reviewed on 11th March 2008
    Price when reviewed £450

    Likeable and admirable speakers that are now just slightly off the pace

  2. Mordaunt-Short Alumni

    Mordaunt-Short Alumni

    Reviewed on 11th September 2007
    Price when reviewed £600

    A sound that’s detailed and revealing, but is also a little too bare and unforgiving

  3. Mordaunt-Short Avant 902i

    Mordaunt-Short Avant 902i

    Reviewed on 12th July 2006
    Price when reviewed £150

    Beyond their sheer, exuberant musicality, the 902is are more-than-adequately made and daintily attractive

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  4. Mordaunt-Short Performance 5.1

    Mordaunt-Short Performance 5.1

    Reviewed on 15th November 2005
    Price when reviewed £10000

    Stylish, sensuous looks, hair-raising performance and truly spine-tingling sound – the Mordaunt-Shorts have it all

  5. Mordaunt-Short Performance 6

    Mordaunt-Short Performance 6

    Reviewed on 30th March 2005
    Price when reviewed £3500

    These stunning speakers should be on any high-end auditioning list

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