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  1. Sonos Beam

    Sonos Beam

    Reviewed on 6th June 2018
    Price when reviewed £399

    Sonos has a new compact soundbar with a trimmed-down price tag and a smattering of new features. So what's the catch?

  2. LG SK10Y

    LG SK10Y

    Reviewed on 23rd May 2018
    Price when reviewed £1200

    Can LG's flagship Dolby Atmos soundbar justify its lofty price tag...

  3. JVC TH-W513B

    JVC TH-W513B

    Reviewed on 14th December 2017
    Price when reviewed £60

    A nicely built, bargain-priced soundbar that does a fine job.

  4. Samsung HW-MS750

    Samsung HW-MS750

    Reviewed on 14th November 2017
    Price when reviewed £700

    Samsung’s best soundbar so far will fill even the largest room with sound.

  5. Sky Soundbox

    Sky Soundbox

    Reviewed on 2nd November 2017
    Price when reviewed £300

    Sky and Devialet combine talents to take on the soundbar market.

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  7. Polk Signa Solo

    Polk Signa Solo

    Reviewed on 23rd October 2017
    Price when reviewed £150

    We put Polk's latest budget soundbar through its paces...

  8. Yamaha YAS-207

    Yamaha YAS-207

    Reviewed on 4th October 2017
    Price when reviewed £350

    The latest in a series of fine Yamaha soundbars, this one featuring new DTS surround sound technology.

  9. Cabasse Stream BAR

    Cabasse Stream BAR

    Reviewed on 28th September 2017
    Price when reviewed £900

    No Dolby Atmos... but can this soundbar make up for it with sound quality?

  10. LG SJ9

    LG SJ9

    Reviewed on 8th June 2017
    Price when reviewed £1000

    The LG SJ9 is a competent Dolby Atmos soundbar, but not one that stands out...

  11. Philips Fidelio SkyQuake

    Philips Fidelio SkyQuake

    Reviewed on 18th May 2017
    Price when reviewed £900

    Dolby Atmos in a soundbar, but performance isn’t the best at this price