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  1. Ecosse Baton SE Mk2

    Ecosse Baton SE Mk2

    Reviewed on 27th May 2014
    Price when reviewed £100

    Allows for a decent amount of detail but the lack of weight and richness leaves tracks sounding cold

  2. Ecosse CS2.4

    Ecosse CS2.4

    Reviewed on 14th February 2014
    Price when reviewed £9

    A lack of sophistication means the CS2.4 suffers when compared with its rivals at this price

  3. Ecosse The Conductor

    Ecosse The Conductor

    Reviewed on 21st November 2013
    Price when reviewed £65

    More dynamic expression and attack would give great sound – but it is not to be found here

  4. Ecosse T2T Deluxe

    Ecosse T2T Deluxe

    Reviewed on 10th October 2012
    Price when reviewed £38

    Deluxe only in name

  5. Ecosse CS 2.3

    Ecosse CS 2.3

    Reviewed on 10th September 2012
    Price when reviewed £5

    Balanced, nuanced and easy to listen to, but dynamics are a little subdued

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  7. Ecosse CS 4.2

    Ecosse CS 4.2

    Reviewed on 1st February 2012
    Price when reviewed £4

    This entry-level wire’s good value

  8. Ecosse The Big Orange (Mk 2)

    Ecosse The Big Orange (Mk 2)

    Reviewed on 6th January 2011
    Price when reviewed £60

    The figure of eight version of Ecosse's barnstorming Big Orange (Mk 2) is pretty much the equal of its sibling, although we'd like a touch less hardne

  9. Ecosse Big Orange MK2+

    Ecosse Big Orange MK2+

    Reviewed on 8th March 2010
    Price when reviewed £60

    It's not cheap, but this mains cable is a decent upgrade for your system

  10. Ecosse The Director SE

    Ecosse The Director SE

    Reviewed on 31st July 2009
    Price when reviewed £89.99

    We like this Ecosse for its sense of space and its capable handling of higher frequencies

  11. Ecosse Conductor CA1.2 Mk III

    Ecosse Conductor CA1.2 Mk III

    Reviewed on 29th June 2009
    Price when reviewed £50

    The CA1.2 is an able interconnect, but unlike its Award-winning predecessor it can't quite match up to its rivals