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  1. Rega Couple2

    Rega Couple2

    Reviewed on 10th February 2017
    Price when reviewed £99

    Rega's analogue interconnects help deliver and energetic yet balanced sound...

  2. QED Performance Audio 40

    QED Performance Audio 40

    Reviewed on 17th February 2016
    Price when reviewed £45

    An exceptional budget interconnect with bags of detail...

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  3. Chord Company C-line

    Chord Company C-line

    Reviewed on 23rd October 2015
    Price when reviewed £45

    Best analogue interconnect, Awards 2016. This Chord interconnect is a no-brainer if you want to give your hi-fi system a lift...

  4. Van den Hul The Bay C5

    Van den Hul The Bay C5

    Reviewed on 3rd June 2014
    Price when reviewed £85

    For harsh, bright-sounding systems, the Bay C5 could be an antidote

  5. Ecosse Baton SE Mk2

    Ecosse Baton SE Mk2

    Reviewed on 27th May 2014
    Price when reviewed £100

    Allows for a decent amount of detail but the lack of weight and richness leaves tracks sounding cold

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  7. Chord Company Cobra VEE 3

    Chord Company Cobra VEE 3

    Reviewed on 23rd May 2014
    Price when reviewed £95

    The Cobra VEE 3 should have enough muscle and power to re-energise even the softest-sounding systems

  8. QED Reference Audio 40

    QED Reference Audio 40

    Reviewed on 20th May 2014
    Price when reviewed £85

    An impressive stereo interconnect that ushers through a high-quality sound...

  9. Black Rhodium Twist (interconnect)

    Black Rhodium Twist (interconnect)

    Reviewed on 14th May 2014
    Price when reviewed £36

    We wouldn't recommend using this with bright-sounding systems but this is a decent option for the money

  10. AudioQuest Red River

    AudioQuest Red River

    Reviewed on 13th May 2014
    Price when reviewed £85

    The boldness makes for a slightly overwhelming approach but that’s our only real criticism

  11. Wireworld Luna 7 Interconnect

    Wireworld Luna 7 Interconnect

    Reviewed on 6th May 2014
    Price when reviewed £40

    The Luna 7’s are a great option at the money