• Phonak PFE 022
Our Verdict 
There's much to like here, and these cans are worth an audition
Insightful, pacey feel to sound, wide soundstage
Some dynamics are lacking
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It’s a bold move to print the word ‘perfect’ on the box of any audio product, so it’s testament to Phonak’s confidence in its PFE 022 model that it’s printed it three times.

Let’s be honest, though: they don’t look or feel like they’re worth £100, and a single-button control is a bit disappointing at this price, but the PFE 022s make up for all that with impressive sound quality.

They’re pacey and detailed, but not to the degree that they ruthlessly expose poor recordings. Instead, everything you play will sound smooth and insightful – a rare balance from a pair of in-ears.

There’s a wide soundstage with precisely placed instruments, too, but while low-level dynamics are decent, bigger crescendos sound somewhat stifled.

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That’s a shame, because a greater ability to thrill could have led to a ‘perfect’ score.

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