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Smarter than your average universal remote, but not as smart as the smartest
Stylish, comfy feel
on-remote calibration
Lacks features some users will require
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Simply hold the SmartControl's ‘magic' button for three seconds, select the kind of device you want to add (TV, set-top box, DVD player, amp, MP3 player or games console), then hold the number button that corresponds with the manufacturer of it until it switches off. Hey presto, it's programmed in!

You can create activities so it can control a number of devices at once; so the volume buttons operate your amp while the channel buttons operate your TV.

It's not quite as smart as it thinks it is, though. The remote may control the basic functions of your device, but that doesn't mean it understands it.

For example, it simply skipped the input we needed on our Pioneer receiver as it didn't know that that Pioneer receiver had it. You might also expect the ‘on' button to activate all devices for your activity – it doesn't.

Still, if you've got a fairly straightforward system, this is a stylish and ergonomic remote to control it with. If you've got a more advanced setup, though, you might want to try a Logitech Harmony, which start at just £30.

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