wireworld island 6
New Island 6 starts at £30, also supports resolutions beyond 1080p

New from WireWorld is Island 6, a new 'flat' HDMI 1.4 cable designed to support 3D TV and resolutions beyond the current 1080p standard.

Island 6 uses 16 signal conductors rather than the 12 found in conventional HDMI cables, and has parallel conductors with two drain wires per shield, said to reduce attenuation and provide more uniform impedance.

It supports picture formats up to HD4K, Deep Color to 48-bit, refresh rates of up to 480Hz, and a maximum data speed of 21Gbps.

Island 6 comes in 0.3m, 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m and 5m lengths, at prices ranging from £30 to £70.

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