Vivanco's 4-way auto HDMI switcher
If things are getting a bit overcrowded 'round the back of your TV, Vivanco's HDMI switchers give you extra connectivity

If you're struggling to plug your games console, Sky box and Blu-ray player into your TV at the same time, you'll be pleased to hear that Vivanco have come up with three tidy solutions, all of which are 1.3 HDMI certified.

The first is a neat two-way box with manual switches, retailing for just £14.99, while the second, a three-way, piano-black auto switcher with 0.8m of cable, retails at £49.99. It recognises the last activated video source as the input to be used, and switches to it.

The final, four-socket switcher (pictured) comes with an infra-red eye and remote, allowing the boxes and cables to be tucked away. It will hit the market at £69.99.