Sony TV sales up
Sales for last quarter of 2010 up 2.4%, edges company past LG

Sony's sales of flatscreen TVs increased in the last quarter of 2010, allowing the company to edge past LG into second place in the sales rankings, behind Samsung.

That's the first time in almost two years LG has been ousted from its position, Sony increasing its market share to 14.2%, up 2.4 points on the previous quarter, while LG dropped 0.8 of a point, to 12.7%.

Samsung still holds the lead in flatscreen TVs, with 21.4% of the global market, while overall TV sales for October-December 2010 were up 15% year-on-year, at 77.5m units, flatscreen TVs accounting for 69.2m of these sales.

Overall, the worldwide market was up 30% on 2009's total sales, with a total of 210m flatscreen TVs sold, with Samsung having an 18.7% market share for the year followed by LG (13.1%) and then Sony (10.3%).

However, 3D TV take-up is still proving slow: in the final quarter of last year 2.3m 3D sets were sold, accounting for just 3% of the total number of flatscreens.

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Sony had a 43.3% share of the 3D LCD TV market, selling 780,000 units, followed by Samsung (36.1%, 650,000 units) and LG (6.4%, 120,000 sets sold).

Panasonic was ahead in the 3D plasma TV market, selling 230,000 units to give it 50.5% market share, with Samsung trailing on 41.7%.

Finally, stats for the LED-lit LCD market in the last quarter of 2010 show Samsung leading with a 19.1% market share (selling 3.6m units), followed by Sharp on 12.8%, Sony on 11.4% and LG on 10.6%.Follow on Twitter Join on Facebook