NEWS: TCI launches its Baby Constrictor

The latest product from True Colours Industries may sound like something likely to get you reported to the NSPCC, but in fact the £80 Baby Constrictor Power Block uses a metre of the cable of the same name plus a German-made six-way 13a mains distribution unit.

The company says that "A block is the simplest way to upgrade a Hi-fi or Home Cinema system, as the whole system can initially be 'mains cleaned' at one go. The next step is to add individual Baby or Constrictor Power Leads to each component as budget allows, further improving performance at each step."

The Baby Constrictor uses eight PTFE insulated silver-plated copper conductors in the mains cable, covered with multiple layers of screening, and a mains block with high-current bus-bars sourced from German manufacturer Brennenstuhl.

TCI explains that "UK mains is 'dirty' carrying lots of electronic noise that affects the sound of Hi-Fi and the picture of TVs and Projectors. In the home, dimmers and digital devices add yet more noise.

"The Baby Block filters incoming mains noise and reduces outgoing radiated noise."

The Baby Constrictor starts at £80 for the version with a 1m mains lead, with a 2m version costing £120, a 2.5m £140 and a 3m £160.

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