KEF is adding another home cinema soundbar to its range, the £900 KHT7005

First came the KEF KHT8005 home cinema soundbar (£1099), and now it's joined by the £900 KHT7005 model.

Designed to complement 32in flatscreen TVs, the system comprises a HTF7003 soundbar with front left, right and centre speakers, combined with a pair of compact HTS7001 satellite rear speakers and a 200W KUBE-1 subwoofer.

Each of the three front speakers uses a 5cm woofer and 19mm high-frequency driver, and the same units are fitted to the rear surround speakers. The KUBE-1 subwoofer has a 20cm long-throw bass driver and a 20cm auxiliary bass driver powered by a 200W Class-D amplifier.

The KEF KHT7005 is available now in gloss black, and comes supplied with a wall-mount bracket and table stand.

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