Our Verdict 
Not a bad system, but you can buy better
Stylish and compact
good spec
Average picture and sound
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This LG is a stereo product, with just two speakers and a subwoofer. The system boasts a very stylish head unit, which is linked by one cable to the active subwoofer.

The main unit contains the DVD player, which offers upconversion to 1080i, and there's a second source, an 80GB hard disk, to which you can transfer music, DivX or photos from disc or via USB from your computer or portable.

The system's appearance and spec are appealing, but these aren't quite matched by the user interface. It's reasonable enough to use, but be warned: this is no iTunes. Menus are clunky and unintuitive, while the remote control is also on the fiddly side.

LG J10HD is an average performerPictures are solid, well-rendered and have good edge-definition, but motion-tracking isn't as good as some, and there are rivals with richer, more sumptuous colour palettes. Overall, it's an average picture performance.

Sound is average, too: there's a solid midrange and good detail, but the subwoofer doesn't integrate well with the speakers, making the bass spike crudely. Not a bad system by any means, but there are others we'd much rather own.