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Bang & Olufsen BeoGram 1800 - upgrade?

I have been reading and enjoying the magazine for many years, and thought I'd ask advice via the forum.

I have had a Bang & Olufsen BeoGram 1800 turntable for a couple of years, but am thinking of trading it in.  To be honest I haven't had a chance to have a proper comparison test with other (new) turntables, but am thinking that due to the fact that the choice of replacement cartridges is limited (not to mention expensive) a complete swap of turntable makes more sense in the long term. The MMC4 cartridge is working well, although given it's age, I suspect I'm missing out...

I'm quite interested in your opinion as to the sound of B&O turntables compared to new components around at the minute (i.e. Pro-Ject Debut/Genie Rega P3).  Am I looking to spend £1000 to equal the sound, or will £100 do the job?!  I'm well aware of the advantages of newer CD players and amps with improving technology, and am interested as to whether turntables are affected to the same extent?

I look forward to any advice, greatly appreciated.

(FYI my system includes NAD C270/C160 amplifiers, C540i CD player and Mission M74i floorstanders)