Get An Edge On Your Gaming Rivals With Samsung Neo QLED TVs

Get An Edge On Your Gaming Rivals With Samsung Neo QLED TVs
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Samsung’s new Neo QLED technology is a game changer – literally. By combining tried and renowned QLED colour with a new LED backlighting system capable of delivering much tighter control over where its light goes, Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs have set new standards for TV technology. Regardless of whether you’re watching films and TV, or playing the latest cutting-edge video games on the latest generation of consoles and PCs.

It’s not just their extreme picture quality that makes Neo QLED TVs such premium screens for gaming, either. Their cutting-edge AI-based processors and connections also ensure that, unlike most TVs at the moment, they can handle everything the PS5, Xbox Series X and latest high-end PC graphics cards can throw at them.

Quantum leap


(Image credit: Samsung)

The most important innovation of Neo QLED TVs is their use of much smaller LEDs to illuminate their screens. In fact, by finding a way to remove the lens and ‘packaging’ associated with traditional TV LEDs, Samsung’s new Quantum Mini LEDs are a remarkable 40 times smaller than their predecessors. 

This means far more of them (thousands, in fact) can be fitted into the same screen sizes, enabling Neo QLED TVs to provide more contrast, a wider colour range and, best of all, revolutionary levels of light control.

Enter the Matrix


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Equipping a TV with far more LEDs isn’t enough in itself to deliver the sort of picture quality Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs have proved themselves capable of, though. You also need groundbreaking picture processor to drive those mini LEDs in real time so that they always get the optimal results from any video source or gaming visuals. Cue Samsung’s Quantum Matrix Technology.

This combines advanced local dimming (the ability to output different amounts of light simultaneously from far more separately controlled light ‘zones’ than we’re used to seeing with LED TVs) with exceptionally precise power control. As a result, more light and power can be pushed to bright areas of the picture that need it, while dark areas of the picture can benefit in the same frame from deeper, more detailed and more natural black tones.

The result is a stunning contrast performance which, in combination with the exceptional levels of brightness Neo QLED TVs can achieve, unlocks more of the expanded light range available with the high dynamic range (HDR) pictures now available from 4K Blu-rays and most new games and video streams.

Almost all HDR sources also boast expanded colour ranges – which, again, Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs are perfectly equipped to handle. The metal-clad Quantum Dots they use to produce their colours can handle more brightness than normal LCD colour filters, enabling the screens to achieve a much higher colour ‘volume’ than the vast majority of other TVs.

Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs are available in 4K and 8K resolutions, and in both cases the much finer light control their mini LED backlighting offers contributes to a spectacular sense of sharpness and detail. Perfect for getting the maximum impact from the native 4K games now being delivered by the latest consoles and PCs.

The 4K and 8K versions of Samsung’s latest Neo Quantum Processors use advanced AI technologies, too, to convert lower-resolution content into 4K or 8K with much more detail and much less video noise than you’d imagine possible given how many pixels they’re having to create.

Built for gaming


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The full roster of gaming-related features supported by Neo QLED TVs such as the QE65QN800A, QE55QN94A and QE55QN85A reads like a Christmas wish list of everything a gamer could want in order to both get the most from their new console or PC, and score an edge over the competition.

For starters, Samsung’s Motion Xcelerator Turbo Plus system ensures that Neo QLED TVs handle the combination of 4K resolutions and 120Hz high frame rates many games can now achieve with perfect smoothness and sharpness – no matter how frenetic the onscreen action gets.

What’s more, even if a particular game’s graphics engine has to adjust its frame rate at times, the Neo QLED TV’s support for variable refresh rates (VRR) ensures that such in-game frame rate adjustments don’t cause any tearing or judder on your screen. 

In fact, for the ultimate in immersion and consistency, Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs even support AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro technology. This combines advanced VRR support with key required picture settings to deliver as stable, rich, natural and immersive look to HDR games as possible.

Driven though they are by a desire to reproduce the latest gaming graphics with as much accuracy and purity as possible, Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs do also provide a cunning trick designed to help you spot enemies hiding in shadow more easily. Called the Dynamic Black Equaliser, it lets you raise the brightness of just the dark areas of a game’s graphics so you can make out more detail there without raising the brightness of light areas.  

Making the Neo QLED TVs’ gaming prowess all the more remarkable is the way it’s achieved while keeping the time required to render images incredibly low. In their Game modes, the QE65QN800A, QE55QN94A and QE55QN85A all take barely 0.01 seconds to render image data received from a console or PC. So if you press a button on your joystick, you will see a pretty much instant response on screen. The only downside to this is that you have no-one to blame but yourself if a rival player beats you to the trigger!

You don’t even need to remember to manually set Neo QLED TVs into their Game modes to enjoy their swiftest response times. Thanks to their support for new Auto Low Latency Mode technology, they can automatically switch into Game mode whenever they detect that a console or PC is outputting game graphics (rather than playing a movie disc or stream).

No more screen burn


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Given how much time many of us are spending gaming these days, there’s one final advantage of Neo QLED TVs to consider: No screen burn. This means you don’t have to worry about games with static image elements, such as health displays or scores, eventually leaving behind permanent shadows of themselves on your screen. Samsung is so confident about this that it offers a 10-year No Screen Burn warranty* with every Neo QLED TV.

With so much cutting edge technology at their disposal, it’s only right that Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs are housed within beautifully futuristic designs. In particular, they’re all impressively thin, both around and behind their screens, and they all feature premium metallic finishes that help them look at home in even the most stylish room.

The 8K-resolution QE65QN800A even features a cable management system that keeps things tidy, with a single cable connecting all the external devices to the TV.  

Everything about Samsung’s Neo QLED range redefines what you might expect of a modern television set. From their unique designs and ground-breaking, HDR-friendly picture quality through to their ability to get the very best from the latest and greatest PC and console game experiences, Neo QLED TVs are simply as good as it gets.

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* Participants must register for the 10-year screen burn warranty within 90 days of purchase. T&Cs apply.

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