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Ecosse Best Boy review

A good upgrade or first 'serious' cable, but you can get more for the same money Tested at £27

Our Verdict

It might be an upgrade, but this Ecosse cable is average at best


  • A clear upgrade from your freebie cable


  • Lacks dynamics and excitement
  • tonally wanting

It's been six years since we looked at Ecosse's Best Boy interconnect, and that means it's time for a re-test. Affordably priced, it's an obvious first upgrade from cables that come free with products.

Ecosse leads tend to be aesthetically austere, and the Best Boy is no exception, being housed in a stiff, plain grey jacket with gold terminations.

Lack of drive is apparent
Given Miles Davis's Aos Pes Da Cruz, this Ecosse reveals its sonic limitations, lacking dynamics and expression where needed. What should be a swinging bossa nova track loses life and drive.

Detailing is capable, although not as transparent as we'd like, and some production subtlety is glossed over. Tonally, there's an adequate treble and midrange, although both lack suppleness.

The bass, although having presence, requires definition: playing Mojave 3's To Whom Should I Write, it feels leaden where it should be pulsing.

As an upgrade, or as a first ‘serious' cable, the Best Boy should be considered, potentially for those with lively sounding kit. But similar money can buy significantly better performance.

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