• Black Rhodium Opus
Our Verdict 
Mellow and easy-listening, but needs more dynamic punch and finesse to really excel
Great build quality
rounded, mellow sound
reasonable detail
Dynamics aren’t the best
lacking drama
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If you were making a list of adjectives to describe the Black Rhodium Opus, ‘well built’ should be high up the pecking order. Its solid, weighty plugs and thick cable convey a sense of luxury, while the twisted-pair configuration should, according to Black Rhodium, help to reduce unwanted signal noise.

In use with a Cyrus CD6 SE CD player, Roksan Caspian M2 amp and ATC SCM11 speakers, we notice an immediately mellow quality to the Opus’s performance. There isn’t a shed-load of detail on display at the front of the shop, but venture deeper and nuances start to appear.

Our enthusiasm is a little tempered, however, by this interconnect’s slight reluctance to grip rhythms and convey subtler dynamics. It all makes for a performance that, while undoubtedly musical, wants for a touch of drama.

That said, paired with appropriate kit, it will do a decent job.

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