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Spend a bit more and you’ll find a cable with greater weight and reinforcement
Articulate sound
Slim width
Could do with more heft
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The G4 speaker cable shares some DNA with AudioQuest’s Award-winning FLX-SLiP 14/4 speaker cable (£6/m) – but its name is less of a mouthful.


Without getting too technical, the G4 use the same conductor material but doesn’t use the twisted geometry, hence the four individual strands. This makes it slimmer and so more suitable for running under a carpet.

Sonically, the G4 allows a similar presentation to that of its bigger brother. This means our system paints a great outline for music.

Edges are sharply drawn and there’s a fine sense of agility and direction to music. It’s exciting and articulate, make no mistake.

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Where you lose out is when it comes to weight and solidity of sound. With the G4, our kit can’t quite give music enough drive and conviction where the deepest notes demand it.

Spend a bit more and you’ll get greater weight and reinforcement.

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