£ 1200

The Sonos combination will blow your TV's sound out of the water, but it still isn’t quite the finished article

£ 1650

Much improved on the original and delivering a quality that justifies the price

£ 1300

As close to proper surround sound as you can get from a soundbar, but struggles in stereo

£ 350

The SC-HTB750 tries hard by offering a decent level of functionality, but suffers from below-par sound quality

£ 250

A decent, affordable effort from Otone but sound quality is tainted by a distracting brightness

£ 450

A good-looking, extremely capable soundbar solution, the JBL is a fine alternative to TV speakers

£ 300

Best soundbar up to £400, Awards 2013. LG deserves the plaudits for squeezing plenty of features into, and excellent sound out of, this remarkably&

£ 300

The Orbitsound M9 presents a strong case thanks to its size, flexibility and well-balanced sound

£ 350

The Yamaha is worth auditioning, but struggles to muster the extra gear needed to be considered a class-leader

£ 600

The Playbar is Sonos in a soundbar – with a couple of little caveats, that’s as good a proposition as it seems