£ 999

This Epson is a good projector, and does much right – it's just not great

£ 499

With its X9, InFocus has produced a projector that's ideal for those pushed for both budget and space

£ 1100

If you're looking for a solid projector for around a grand then the Sanyo PLV-Z700 ticks all the right boxes

£ 3500

The latest projector from Epson is more than competent, but does it represent good value for money?

£ 2000

An extremely impressive entry from Sanyo that, like many rivals, suffers at the hands of one particular rival

£ 4500

This Sony delivers in droves in every aspect we'd demand in a home cinema projector – it's a must view

£ 5500

Those of you with high-end home cinema systems should definitely try out the JVC – at this price point, it's excellent

£ 1250

This Optoma is an affordable projector that fires out a fine picture for the money

£ 300

The concept of a palm-sized projector is an exciting one, but the MPro110 doesn't quite deliver the goods

£ 2100

Sony has entered the big picture, small-price market in style