£ 3000

The JVC’s 2D picture is spectacular, but things could be better with 3D

£ 1650

Few projectors are this complete at twice the price

£ 2400

Competitively priced, with bright, vivid pictures, but performance not the best

£ 5000

By class standards, it’s one of the best projectors around

£ 1350

One of the best performance-per-pound 3D projectors we've seen

£ 30000

The best 3D projector we’ve seen, with extraordinary 2D and 3D picture quality

£ 3150

Very capable, but there are better projectors for the cash

£ 3000

Best projector £2500+, Awards 2011. Class-leading 3D performance – this projector is a masterpiece

£ 2500

ScreenPlay's 8604 projector shines – but at a price premium

£ 1100

Best projector up to £1500, Awards 2012.

BenQ rewrites the rules for budget projectors with the W1200