£ 800

Eager to please and equally pleasing to watch, the HD25 is a great budget option

£ 3000

Good but not great, this JVC has plenty of appeal if you like bright, colourful pictures

£ 3000

A brilliant example of why the big-screen home cinema experience can’t be beaten

£ 3000

Best projector £2000+, Awards 2013. This two-time champion is still brilliant, but the younger competition is strong

£ 700

A solid effort for big-picture on a budget

£ 3200

Packing a wireless HDMI connection, this Epson is easy to set up and use, as well as a more than competent performer

£ 16790

Terrific with the very limited 4K2K material available, but expensive as a conventional projector

£ 950

It may not excel with 3D, but as a 2D projector the Epson is a considerable achievement

£ 800

Affordable, but suffers from the strength of the competition

£ 7000

The finest sub-£10,000 projector you can buy