Blu-ray players


£ 300

Impressive tech specs although not the best performer we've seen

£ 350

Packed with features such as twin Freeview HD tuners and 500GB hard drive

£ 100

We've taken a second look at the Samsung player, which is now much more competitive

£ 279

A compact design that's only beaten by better priced rivals

£ 200

Product of the Year, Awards 2013 – a second win for this brilliant movie machine

£ 300

Panasonic's flagship player delivers a truly captivating performance

£ 155

Best Blu-ray player £100-£175, Awards 2012. A top-notch performer with great features

£ 600

There's a lot to like about this Blu-ray player from NAD, but for this price we'd expect more

£ 200

A fine player, but now faces stiff competition

£ 160

Easy to use and enjoyable to watch, but sound could be better