HDMI and video cables


£ 5

The postage for the Just Simple Premium HDMI cable costs four and a half times the cost of the product

£ 30

Vivanco's Sound and Image HDMI cable provides clear improvements in sound and vision over free and budget cables

£ 7

The Linx HDMI cable looks the part and has something of an upmarket feel but it isn't great value

£ 2

Cheap but the Gembird's only worth buying if you don't have a freebie cable already or if you need a longer length cable

£ 5

Brilliant way to spend £5 – this cable will improve both pictures and sound

£ 60

Get past the name and the looks and this Wireworld does an admirable job, although we'd like more low frequency punch

£ 115

One of the best cables we've seen for a while, this Chord Company HDMI has amazing sonic impact and capability

£ 150

It's well built, looks good and has a confident, classy sound that's coupled with impressive image handling

£ 40

It might not be the best under £50, but the Philex Thor is a gutsy, solid and well built HDMI cable

£ 50

It may look eyecatching, but this 1.4 toting Chord Company HDMI cable also has the ability to do the job, with punchy sound and crisp-edged images