Audio interconnects (digital)


£ 80

The Prodac's another excellent cable from Chord Company, and will help your system gain drive. Unfortunately though, the price is high

£ 25

Noticeably better performance can be had for a little more money

£ 50

Best USB cable, Awards 2010. Compared to a bundled USB lead, the sound the Wireworld makes is leagues ahead

£ 1000

The Monster Ultra 1000 is fair value if you need a generous length.

£ 40

The Nova will offer you a powerful presentation, but bearing in mind the price needs more focus to shine

£ 25

It might possess some poise with vocals, but this Vivanco hasn't as much assurance as we'd like

£ 35

Vivanco's SHQ TT12 is an improvement over its stablemate Prowire, but a good deal is really essential

£ 20

Despite our high hopes, Cambridge Audio's Optical digital interconnect just couldn't cut the mustard

£ 20

The Belkin Silver Series AV500000QP delivers an enthusiastic, muscular sound but the top-end and bass are muddled

£ 97

This is another fine cable from the Copper-line stable. It’s well worth a listen