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Lindy Premium HDMI

Tested at £20

Though there’s nothing wrong with the Lindy, but there’s nothing special about it, either

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  • Solidly built
  • smooth audio


  • Lacks bite and dynamism

Like a tin of Ronseal, this Lindy cable is exactly what it says on the box: an HDMI cable with a channel for ethernet.

It certainly looks premium, too, with its solid, glossy construction and gold plated terminals, and £20 seems a very reasonable price.

In fact, it's even better value at longer lengths, with each extra meter costing just £5.

The problem is that it's going up against QED's mighty new Profile cable, which might lack ethernet, but boasts a supremely detailed and punchy delivery of both picture and sound.

The Lindy, by comparison, lacks bite and conviction. Its pictures are certainly watchable, but they're not as crisp or insightful, and it's audio flows nicely, but lacks any real dynamism or attack, and that makes it a three-star HDMI.

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