What Hi Fi Sound and Vision Tue, 14 Aug 2007, 10:00am

Custom rc60 Deluxe

Tested at £125

This bespoke service has produced a fine pair of stands, delivering solid wooden looks with a dexterous performance

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  • Detailed, lively sound
  • sturdy, bespoke build
  • good looks


  • Partington’s Super Dreadnoughts are even better

Nestled below 'headboards' and just above 'oak mirrors' on www.customspeakerstands.co.uk, you'll find these rather smart supports.

It's fair to say that the firm isn't fully focused on the AV world, then. Fortunately this hasn't impacted on the quality. The wood finish – available in white oak, maple, ash, beech or pine – makes a pleasant change, with potential for above-average partner-approval ratings.

Sonically we're happy, too. Bar a slightly bright treble at times, there's plenty to like in the detailed, lively sound our reference speakers produce on these steady supports.

The fifth star only eludes the RC60s due to the brilliance of the Partington Super Dreadnoughts, which remain on another level at this price-point, especially in terms of scale and dynamics. But if you like the idea of wood as well as being able to have your stands tailor-made, then look no further than this online option.

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