1. Hitachi L46VG09

    Hitachi L46VG09

    With a list of downsides that far outweighs its good points, it's hard to recommend this big-screen Hitachi LCD

    Our rating
  2. Hitachi L32VP03

    Hitachi L32VP03

    Despite its appalling remote control, and some other foibles, this Hitachi 32in LCD is an accomplished performer

    Our rating
  3. Hitachi AXM133

    Hitachi AXM133

    Accomplished performance, SD card and USB inputs combine with great style, price, flexibility and performance - the Hitachi is something of a winner

    Our rating
  4. Hitachi CP-X2530WN LCD Projector
    Available from £490.58
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  6. Hitachi CP-D27WN LCD Projector
    Available from £550.8