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  1. Goodmans GFSDTR500HD

    Goodmans GFSDTR500HD

    Reviewed on 1st January 2010
    Price when reviewed £280

    Looks good on paper and is appealing in many ways, but it's flawed, too

  2. Humax Foxsat-HD

    Humax Foxsat-HD

    Reviewed on 1st January 2010
    Price when reviewed £150

    This stylish Freesat box certainly looks the part - and its user-friendly performance is equally impressive

  3. Tiscali Tiscali+

    Tiscali Tiscali+

    Reviewed on 10th June 2009
    Price when reviewed £99

    Tiscali provides an affordable alternative to BT, Sky and Virgin, but there's no high-definition content yet

  4. Humax PVR9300T

    Humax PVR9300T

    Reviewed on 10th June 2009
    Price when reviewed £185

    If you want an affordable, highly effective and good value Freeview+ PVR, the Humax PVR9300T has much to commend it

  5. Virgin Media Samsung V+

    Virgin Media Samsung V+

    Reviewed on 4th June 2009
    Price when reviewed £99

    Samsung's new V+ set-top box for Virgin Media offers access to 500 films, thousands of TV shows and an increasing amount of HD content

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  7. Silicondust HDHomeRun

    Silicondust HDHomeRun

    Reviewed on 10th May 2009
    Price when reviewed £160

    SiliconDust's HDHomeRun Computer TV tuner is a fine product, but results will depend on your computer and network

  8. Sagem DTR64160T

    Sagem DTR64160T

    Reviewed on 14th January 2009
    Price when reviewed £100

    For just £100 this Sagem Freeview + personal video recorder provides a decent level of all-round performance

  9. TVonics DTR-Z250

    TVonics DTR-Z250

    Reviewed on 30th October 2008
    Price when reviewed £179

    This great value Freeview 250GB personal video recorder combines the required functionality with top-notch performance

  10. Sony PlayTV

    Sony PlayTV

    Reviewed on 23rd October 2008
    Price when reviewed £70

    Sony's PlayTV allows you to watch and record Freeview digital TV on your PS3; it's perfectly competent and affordable, but somewhat flawed

  11. Sky + HD

    Sky + HD

    Reviewed on 26th September 2008
    Price when reviewed £99

    As effortlessly brilliant now as it was when it first emerged, and now you can enjoy it all in HD and for even less - bonus