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Best wireless speaker deals, latest UK prices – multi-room, Bluetooth, AirPlay

We've taken a trip down the virtual high street, looking for deals on some of best wireless speakers on the market. Bluetooth, AirPlay, multi-room? We've got suggestions for them all, and at top prices too.

Ultimate Ears Boom

Five stars

Tested at £170 / Best price from £118

What was already a fantastic speaker at £170, is now even more tempting thanks to a price drop. Detailed, energetic sound in a water and stain-resistant body. What's not to like?

Ultimate Ears Boom review

Best wireless speaker deals - March 2015

Monitor Audio Airstream WS100

Five stars

Tested at £250 / Best price £160

It was hard to believe these wireless desktop speakers cost just £250 when they came into our test rooms, and now they're available for even less. Perched on a desktop or shelf, they fire out seriously good sound.

Monitor Audio Airstream WS100 review / Compare Prices

Q Acoustics Q-BT3

Five stars

Tested at £350 / Best price £280

Are these a soundbar replacement? Wireless speakers? iPod dock alternative? Even powered stereo speakers? Well, they're all these things and fantastic-sounding to boot.

Q Acoustics Q-BT3 review / Compare Prices

Audio Pro Allroom Air One

Five stars

Tested at £400 / Best price £280

A previous Award winner, with “nothing” against it, the Allroom Air One is a spectacular speaker. It's well balanced and able to fill larger-sized rooms, thanks to its powerful and weighty sound.

Audio Pro Allroom Air One review / Compare prices

More wireless speaker deals

Audio Pro Addon T8

Four stars

Tested at £250 / Best price £194

Audio Pro Addon T8 review / Compare Prices

Denon Envaya

Four stars

Tested at £170 / Best price £115

Denon Envaya review / Compare Prices

Tangent Classic

Four stars

Tested at £400 / Best price £388

Tangent Classic review

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