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Beauhorn Rhapsody B2 review

Outlandish shaped speakers but treat them right and you'll be deeply rewarded. Tested at £2750.00

Our Verdict

The B2s' bold looks and engrossing sound make them an attractive proposition. Need plenty of pampering to be at their best, though


  • Fast, vivid, cohesive sound, with superb dynamics
  • looks


  • Fussy about positioning and system
  • some tonal colorations

You can't mistake the B2s for anything else – not only is their shape outlandish, Beauhorn can even paint them in one of 98 different colours. And their sound is just as arresting.

The single drive unit means there's no need for a crossover network, so the sound doesn't suffer from phase errors or reductions in transparency. Their sensitivity is a very high 98db/w/m, so these work really well with low-power amplification, such as valve products.

They like to be pampered
Position them carefully – they like space around them – and they'll work a treat. No, they're not party speakers, but they do have great dynamics, especially at lower volumes.

Emotional music is presented in a forthright manner, and you're left in no doubt about Eminem's anger on Mosh, or the sheer majesty of Holst's Jupiter, and the level of cohesion they can achieve is frankly astonishing.

The B2s are fast and entertaining speakers. Treat them just right, and you'll find them deeply rewarding to own and to listen to.