Our Verdict 
It might have its plus points, but the Toshiba doesn't shine in this competitive class
Reasonably clear sound
good blacks
decent all-round picture
Intermittent buzzing
some instability
lacks detailing
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In recent years we've become accustomed to Toshiba tellies that rarely push the envelope in terms of performance and technology, but that often prove solid and affordable. The 26AV615DB continues that trend.

There's little to write home about in styling terms or features. There are three HDMI inputs but no 1080p support or digital media-friendly connections.

And abundant picture options combine with obtrusive menus to make calibration difficult.

A watchable, enjoyable picturePlay the Doubt Blu-ray and the set's black performance is impressive, with the moody interiors and Sisters' habits appearing deep yet revealing.

There's strong punch too, even if whites aren't quite the purest we've seen. It's not the most detailed picture, though, and colour reproduction isn't subtle enough to reproduce the pale skin tones perfectly.Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull shows similar traits: a touch soft and unsubtle compared with the very best, and with a minor amount of instability at times, but generally watchable and enjoyable.

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Images suffer from instabilityThe instability remains when you put the Toshiba through the horror of showing the Bargain Hunt presenter's bow tie and tightly stitched jacket, but the picture is decent all-round.

As for sound, there's a delivery with reasonable clarity that's let down by an intermittent buzzing from within the cabinet.

If the Toshiba was the cheapest set in its class it might be worth four stars, but given the price and performance of its peers, three will have to do.

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