Our Verdict 
A pretty original design helps this stand out from the pack
Slim and stylish
fine value for so many features
good with DAB and music
Bass is a little too dominant
some rival systems offer better detail and dynamics
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Here's the scenario: you need a music system for a bedroom or office, and you're after DAB radio, CD playback and an iPod dock. You could easily find these things separately, but that would take up valuable space, and cost a fair bit.

Wouldn't it be better if you could get one, stylish little unit that could do the lot? The TEAC is that unit.You might think a system comprising a main unit, two speakers and a subwoofer would take up too much room, but it actually gives you the advantage of distributing the individual sections where you wish.

Tuck the sub out of the way (preferably near a mains socket, as it draws and distributes the system's power), and you can site the speakers and main unit as needed. You can even wall-mount the speakers with the supplied brackets.

Skinny speakers should appealA vertical-loading CD player and flat NXT speakers help keep it looking trim and, in action, the TEAC offers a well-timed, faithful sound with CDs and digital tunes (provided the latter haven't been over-compressed). Detail and dynamics are good, if not utterly magnificent.

The system goes pretty loud, too, though the subwoofer does rather dominate with overly chunky bass. At least it avoids the treble harshness that's so common in products of this ilk. DAB broadcasts are presented in clean and enjoyable fashion.

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We see many micro systems, but rarely does a product manage to combine so many features with style, performance and a wallet-friendly price-tag. In fact, only the slightly bottom-heavy sound holds this TEAC back from a full five stars.