Our Verdict 
A decent option if you want a smart, all-in-one system
Rich sounding
easy to use
More clarity and openness would be nice
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Roberts' Sound 53 is in fact a micro system, complete with CD player and iPod dock to complement the DAB/FM radio.

What's more, this machine can also record audio straight to SD card or a USB stick, which is a neat feature.

It's undoubtedly a smart looking piece of kit, with a stripped-down fascia that leaves the key control elements to the slim remote.

Our appreciation of the Sound 53 continues when we get it doing what it does best – making music.

It's a rich, warm sound, with a decent amount of detail and dynamics.

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We'd like a little more clarity and openness to proceedings, not least as the price puts it in to micro system territory, but it's still a decent option should you fancy a smart, easy to use, all-in-one system.