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  1. HTC One X+

    HTC One X+

    Reviewed on 3rd January 2013

    Good for music and a joy to use, the HTC One X+ should be on your shortlist

  2. HTC One S

    HTC One S

    Reviewed on 22nd June 2012
    Price when reviewed £360

    If you don't fancy HTC's larger smartphones, the pocket-friendly One S might just be what you need

  3. HTC One X

    HTC One X

    Reviewed on 11th April 2012
    Price when reviewed £480

    The best HTC phone we’ve ever seen, and a top contender in the smartphone market

  4. HTC Sensation XE

    HTC Sensation XE

    Reviewed on 31st January 2012

    Essentially an upgrade of the original Sensation with added Beats Audio sound

  5. HTC Sensation

    HTC Sensation

    Reviewed on 5th October 2011

    The feature-packed  HTC Sensation sounds better than it looks

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  7. HTC HD7

    HTC HD7

    Reviewed on 18th March 2011
    Price when reviewed £388

    With an operating system that promises so much, it's shame that HTC's HD7 is let down by markedly lacklustre performance

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  8. HTC Desire

    HTC Desire

    Reviewed on 1st October 2010
    Price when reviewed £360

    It's obvious that HTC's Desire is an attractive proposition, but its not the perfect all-rounder against its competitive rivals

  9. HTC HD2

    HTC HD2

    Reviewed on 2nd January 2010

    If you don't want to get an iPhone, then it's possible the HTC HD2 could be what you're after; it's not perfect but it's pretty close

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