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  1. Cabasse Eole 3

    Cabasse Eole 3

    Reviewed on 12th December 2013
    Price when reviewed £1000

    There’s a lot to like about the Eole 3, but its lean bass will doubtless be an issue for some

  2. Dali Fazon Mikro

    Dali Fazon Mikro

    Reviewed on 7th November 2013
    Price when reviewed £1100

    A reasonable speaker package to consider for a smaller room, but there are better options out there for less money

  3. Q Acoustics Q7000i

    Q Acoustics Q7000i

    Reviewed on 8th October 2013
    Price when reviewed £900

    Best style package £700-£1000, Awards 2014. Got £900 to spend on a sub/sat package? Spend it here

  4. Monitor Audio Radius R90HT1

    Monitor Audio Radius R90HT1

    Reviewed on 1st October 2013
    Price when reviewed £1500

    Best style package £1400-£1800, Awards 2014. This package sounds wonderfully cohesive and entertaining – it’s up there with the very best at this p

  5. Cambridge Audio Aero 5.1

    Cambridge Audio Aero 5.1

    Reviewed on 26th September 2013
    Price when reviewed £1650

    Best traditional package £1500-£2500, Awards 2014. Cambridge Audio has delivered an excellent 5.1 package that is as exciting, informative and seamless as we've heard for the money

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  7. KEF E305

    KEF E305

    Reviewed on 5th July 2013
    Price when reviewed £900

    A flexible, room-filling system, but there are packages out there that tell you more

  8. Elipson Planet M 5.1

    Elipson Planet M 5.1

    Reviewed on 25th February 2013
    Price when reviewed £1300

    Enjoyable for looks and sound – it just needs a bit more detail and dynamism

  9. Jamo A200 HCS 5

    Jamo A200 HCS 5

    Reviewed on 6th January 2013
    Price when reviewed £640

    A gutsy and entertaining sound at this price

  10. Paradigm MilleniaOne/Seismic 110

    Paradigm MilleniaOne/Seismic 110

    Reviewed on 5th December 2012
    Price when reviewed £2400

    Detailed and easy on the ear, but needs more punch

  11. Canton Movie 1050

    Canton Movie 1050

    Reviewed on 28th November 2012
    Price when reviewed £900

    A great-looking system, but it doesn't really impress in outright performance